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DeWit is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Tierra Garden, a division of TDI Brands.

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Your destination for learning more about DeWit Garden Tools.  Learn more about the products, find local and online retailers, or learn how you can become a wholesaler.  See the products in action with videos of your favorite DeWit Tools.  DeWit Tools are made in Holland, but they are known around the world to be the Best Garden Tools. All DeWit tools are guaranteed a lifetime. DeWit tools are exclusively distributed in the US by Tierra Garden, a division of TDI Brands.  They are sold are select online retailers and find Garden Centers throughout the US.

Dutch Specialty Tools

Dutch Bulb Planter

  • Constructed from tubular steel
  • Comfortable hand grips 
  • Makes easy work of digging bulb holes
  • Can also be used for post holes
  • Great for turning compost
  • Head: 8.5”L x 2.5”W
  • Total: 49.5”L; 4lbs
  • #31-4210

Professional Bulb Planter

  • Makes planting bulbs and perennials a breeze!
  • In soft soil, twist closed planter to make hole and then drop bulb
  • Can also be used as a hole digger in harder soil; simply pick up and drop bulb in hole
  • Long handles also allow you to stand up straight instead of hunching over
  • Hole: 3”D
  • Total: 43”L; 3.75lbs
  • #31-0924

Long Handle Bulb Planter

  • Digs 2.5” holes for bulbs
  • Long T-handle and foot step for ease of use
  • Hole: 2.5”D
  • Total: 42”L
  • #31-3066

Large Leaf Rake

  • Round spring steel tines   
  • Won’t break with use
  • Tines held in place by steel triangle
  • Long tapered handle and angled head
  • Less bending and less back strain
  • Can be used for thatching in the Spring
  • Head: 22 tines, 18”W
  • Total: 74”L; 3lbs
  • #31-1112

Seeding Rake

  • Quickly uproots and cultivates garden and flower beds
  • 9 heavy duty, hand-forged, diamond shaped tines
  • After softening the top two inches of the bed, the straight neck design allows you to flip the rake over to flatten the top surface
  • Head: 4"L x 16.5”W 
  • Total: 70"L; 4.5lbs      
  • G30 

Bow Tine Rake X-treme

  • The ultimate bow rake
  • Heavy duty forged construction
  • Made for professional use
  • Head: 7”L x 13.5”W 
  • Total: 63”L; 3.6lbs 
  • #31-3863S

3-Tine Long Handle Cultivator

  • Perfect tool for quick aerating jobs
  • Great for hard-to-reach places
  • Also available as a hand tool (model #31-0904) 
  • Head: 3”W
  • Total: 55”L; 1lb
  • #31-0941

Long Handle Patio Knife

  • Removes weeds from joints between pavers
  • Use hook side for joints and knife side for beveled edges
  • Also available as a hand tool (model #31-0910)
  • Head: 7”L x 2.25”W
  • Total: 55”L; 1lb
  • #31-0942

Long Handle V-Groove Paver

  • Easily clean out between pavers and other narrow spaces
  • Two shaped V’s for different size beveled edges on pavers
  • Also available as a hand tool (model #31-0914)
  • Head: 4”L x 0.5”W
  • Total: 55”L; 1lb
  • #31-0943

Long Handle Triangle Patio Knife

  • 3 V-shaped weeding blades
  • 2 wide and one narrow for different shaped bevels on pavers
  • Also available in hand tool version (model #31-0303)  
  • Head: 2”L x 1.75”W
  • Total: 55”L x 1.75”W; 1.32lbs
  • #31-9700 

Lawn Edger

  • Made to withstand the hardest of tasks
  • Traditional European style lawn/bed edger
  • Quickly cuts lawn sod by working left to right
  • The hand-forged blade can be sharpened
  • Head: 8”W x 4”H
  • Total: 36”L; 3.5lbs
  • #31-9103

Disc Weeder

  • 4-in-1 Tool!
    • Lawn Edger
    • Push/Pull Hoe
    • Patio Knife
    • Plant Hole Digger
  • Available in three lengths: 51"L, 29"L, and 10"L
  • 51"L - Model #31-0912
    • Head: 2.75”D; 2lbs
  • 29"L - Model #31-0911
    • Head: 2.75”D; 1lb
  • 10"L - Model #31-0907
    • Head: 2.75”D; 0.5lb
31-0606 Tierra Garden DeWit Gardener's Axe.jpg

Gardener's Axe

  • Sometimes it takes an axe to chop out roots or take down a small sapling
  • Tough, hardened Boron steel 
  • Light weight and versatile
  • Head: 3.9”L x 3.9”W

  • Total: 14”L; 1.25lbs

  • #31-0606


  • A versatile hoe and cultivator combination
  • Made of Boron steel with a tubular handle and ergonomic soft grip
  • Head: 7.7”L x 1.9”W
  • Total: 13.6”L; 1.1lbs
  • #31-3080

GAlvanized broadfork

  • The "tiller" for the true environmentalist
  • Strong forged tines break up/till planting beds with ease
  • Prepares one-foot swath with each pull
  • Must faster and easier than a digging fork
  • Head: 9.4”L x 14.2”W
  • Total: 40.9”L; 2.6lbs
  • #31-9114